Learn about my Website Design Process

From determining goals to coding flexible sites!

Learn about my web design process with the landing page for March for Our Lives! An organization that aims to spread awareness about gun control issues!

Designing a landing page

for a non-profit

1- Defining long term goals

The first goals were to Donate, Vote, Spread Awareness and Volunteer. Then we began to narrow down to our long term goal which is to Get people to attend an event.

2- Sprint Questions

  • Can we get students who are indifferent about gun control to attend the march? 

  • Does our audience know what kind of implementations March for Our Lives fights for? 

  • Are we using the right strategies to appeal to students?

  • Are we using the right strategies to reach out to students?

3- Research and interview's takeaways

  • High school students who have lockdown drills often, are the one that feel the safest, and most of them would not attend a march.

  •  Most highschool students think laws should be more strict, even if they already feel safe at school.

  •  The people who hadn’t previously heard about March for Our Lives, would not attend a march, regardless if they feel safe or not at school.

  • The people who thinks that laws should not be changed, own guns.

  •  Foreigners relate education in the US to gun violence and think of it as “unsafe”.

4-How might we's

  • HMW make marches more appealing to young people?

  • HMW appeal to people who wouldn’t normally attend a march?

  • HMW make the subject easier to talk about?

  • HMW educate people on legislation proposals?

  • HMW convince students to participate?

  • HMW start the conversation in schools

  • HMW Help students get to the march

  • HMW Reach out to students outside of class 

  • HMW Help schools educate students on safety

  • HMW Convince students to care

  • HMW encourage students to get involved

  • HMW decrease accidental gun deaths

  • HMW break kids out of gun culture environments

  • HMW make the environment of the march safe and welcoming?

5-Overlook map

6-User profile

7-Crazy 8's

8- Low fi sketches

9-User flow map

10-User testing (script)

We’re asking people to try using a Web site that we’re working on so we can see whether it works as intended. The first thing I want to make clear right away is that we’re testing the site, not you. You can’t do anything wrong here.

As you use the site, try to think out loud: say what you’re looking at, what you’re trying to do, and what you’re thinking. Anything you say will help. Point out every little thing you dislike or find confusing, this would really help us improve our site.

Let’s get started:

Let me ask you a couple of questions before showing you the design. Do you know March for Our Lives? What do you think their website is about? What would you expect to do there?

Awesome, let me show you the design. Please, remember to think out loud, anything you say it's helpful.

What do you see?

What pops out to you the most?

What can you do here?

Let’s say you want to make sure you don't miss a march if it were to happen in your area, how would you do that?

How would you get back to the page we first bought from?


Would you add anything?

Would you remove anything?

If you could change anything, what would you change?


Thank you very much, everything you said was really helpful.

11-High fi sketches

Coded site