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I'm Carmen Vidal

I am a brand designer, strategist, and communicator. I help small businesses & entrepreneurs to build brands and websites that speak to their ideal clients.

A Spaniard with a love for sushi, the beach, and polka dot. Also, low-key a huge nerd: I could spend hours talking about how cool the moons of Saturn are.

I bet you have a lot of questions.

step - by - step


I can help you to strategically craft a beautiful brand that your ideal clients can relate to.


You're pouring your soul into your business; let's tell your story in unforgettable ways.


Oh, the User Experience!

I help you build websites that convert your visitors into clients.


Asking is FREE!

Let's analyze your brand and determine whether you need an extra hand or not!

This is what I do:

The branding process

1) We have a coffee

(An online coffee)

After I get your request, we can set up a skype call. I want to hear all about your brand and your goals. We can take as much time as needed. Let's ensure that we are a good match! 

4) Design time

After our first development appointment, we will start creating a visual mood board that will reflect your brand's spirit and aesthetic. I will send you every deliverable for approval before moving on to the next stage.

2) It's official!

Congrats, you're in! I can't wait to get started. In order to put you in my schedule, you only need to pay your 25% retainer. Then we are all ready to start working on a brand that will speak directly to your ideal clients. Check your email!

5) Refinement

We know EXACTLY what we want! It's time to define the details of your new identity.  We can also make different versions and formats so you are covered at all times! This is getting real!

3) Deep talk

Let's dive into this! I want to know all about your brand. We will define your brand values, your mission,  All the branding projects include a minimum of two 60-minute  development sessions to define your mission, your values, ideal client, your goals... All the details!

6) Celebration!

Yay! We're done! It has been an incredible journey and your brand is here. It's bittersweet, but I can't wait to follow-up with you and see how your brand is growing! We will keep in touch.

step - by - step

Let's talk!

Whether you're ready to start crafting or you are not sure about what you want, leave me a message! I would love to hear from you and your business.

I can't wait to meet you!