The Kite Runner

Book cover (2016)

Redesigning the cover for my favorite book, The Kiterunner, by Hosseini  Khaled, was one of my favorite projects I have done so far. Going through the whole analog process of making the kites, burning them, photographing... and then editing and laying out... seeing how everything came together became a fulfilling and satisfying experience.

Since this piece has a strong metaphorical value, let me tell you a bit about this book:

It takes place in the traditional and prosperous scenario of Kabul. Amir is a twelve-year-old whose biggest obsession is to earn his father’s respect by winning the annual kite-fighting tournament, even if it means letting down his childhood best friend and loyal servant, Hassan. But colorful Afghanistan is about to face one of the most horrifying and cruel periods in history. It is then when Amir realizes the consequences of what, at first sight, looked like innocent mischiefs. He learns all about blame, honor, love, fear, and redemption. I wanted to create a metaphor involving the kites (the thin thread that ties the whole story together), the beautiful landscapes of Afghanistan, the loss caused by war and the hope that children bring in times of grief.