Armas de doble filo 

Poster Design (2016)


I include this poster because of its conceptual value:


If you are familiar with "WhatsApp", the most popular texting app in the world, you probably recognized immediately the "double blue check mark". This double check mark indicates that the user you are texting with has opened and read your message. Although this can be something very useful, there is another side to this coin: This tool has become kind of a weapon when it comes to privacy, a spying method between couples, friends, and family: "You read my message, why didn't you answer? What is your excuse?" We all know these controlling behaviors are unhealthy, problematic and need to be over. My poster might get a little lost in translation. It is a play on words between the idiom "un arma de doble filo" ("a double edge sword"), and the -so very famous- "doble tick azul" (double blue checkmark). Because controlling behaviors are the only thing that has no excuse.